Making The Pace

Making The Pace Leadership skills in a complex world

The leadership concept for successfully shaping the present and the future

The profound and rapid changes in the economy and society pose major challenges for managers and employees in companies. Experiential knowledge no longer applies, modern corporate strategies for dealing with these complexities aren’t yet established, and at the same time, the pressure to act is increasing.

Making The Pace

The triad of strategy,
organizational design,
and leadership competence

The starting point for this leadership approach was an in-depth analysis of the current situation, external factors, and what kind of leadership style, communication, management, culture, structure, and strategy development is sustainable today.

This work sharpened our understanding of the current situation and the triggers for transformation. These form the starting point for the 15 principles from the 3 areas of strategy, organizational design, and leadership competence for the corporate management needed today and in the future.

They provide managers with a systematic and systemic set of tools to set the course for the successful survival of their company on the market. When this triad picks up speed, it creates a self-reinforcing continuum. This continuum is well-founded in itself and therefore remains stable; it can be scaled up and accelerated at any time.

Making The Pace

The book to understand and keep pace with change

If this model has piqued your interest, then you will certainly benefit from Fiona Liebehenz's book. In this book, she summarizes her vision, tools, and techniques as well as her practical experience in three areas: strategy, organizational design, and leadership skills. The aim is to support organizations in managing to change from traditional business models and leadership styles to functional strategies, modern organizational structures, and transformational leadership. In so doing, they can set up their organizations in a contemporary and modern way in the new world of work. You could call it a leadership 4.0.

The book's target audience is broad:

  • Ambitious top management executives who want to improve their management skills to get their companies (back) on the road to success or keep it there

  • Modern leaders with a creative drive who are looking for new inspiration on modern, agile and innovative team leadership and want to take responsibility

  • Future female and male managers who are looking for a female role model in the management levels of today's working world

 You can all make the change too!

Making The Pace
Making The Pace

Your perspective

What strategy are you pursuing to position your company for sustainable success across the various departments and in the face of these rapid changes and the increasing complexity? How do you define leadership for yourself? How do you involve your employees on an ongoing basis?

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