”My mantra:
Every company can master change!”

Die Rahmenbedingungen der aktuellen Situation und das Konzept „Making the Pace“ im Buch:

The framework conditions of the current situation and the concept of “Making the Pace” in the book:

The profound and rapid changes in the economy and society pose major challenges for leaders and employees in companies. Experiential knowledge no longer applies, modern corporate strategies for dealing with these complexities aren’t yet established, and at the same time, the pressure to act is increasing.

The author expertly and comprehensively analyzes where the trigger for the transformation can be found and where further developments are heading. These form the starting point for the 15 principles from the 3 areas of strategy, structure, and leadership required for corporate management today and in the future. They provide managers with a systematic and systemic set of tools to help their company survive the market.
When this triad picks up speed, it creates a self-reinforcing continuum. This is well-founded in itself and therefore remains stable; it can be scaled up and accelerated at any time.

A highly topical, practical, and at the same time entertaining non-fiction book for all those who want to holistically understand and master the rapid changes in (not only) retail, sales, and marketing.
Prepare yourself for success by reading this book and translating it into your own business practice. Don't let any more time pass because in times like these, now is yesterday!

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Making The Pace

What makes this book so special?

To quote the author Fiona Liebehenz:

Making The Pace is strongly influenced by my professional and personal history: early on, I took holistic responsibility in a wide variety of industries and regions. This included tasks in which Bringing up to Pace, Keeping the Pace, or Setting the Pace was required. Readers therefore benefit from the fact that I can draw on examples from both my leadership practice and my perspective as a digital native. My passion for music also provides readers with many vivid metaphors that will certainly help them tune in to their own new beat for success.

What are other well-known reviews and press comments on the book?

Fiona Liebehenz vividly demonstrates the urgency of change in companies. She impressively shows us the measures for a successful transformation based on the 15 principles. A must-read for all leaders!
Translated from German
Heike Leise
C-Level Executive and Non-Executive Board Member I Sales & Service | Executive Vice President Bundesverband der Vertriebsmanager e.V.
With this book, Fiona Liebehenz succeeds in something that not many succeed in: building a bridge from holistic analysis to well-founded, practical actions to live change as an opportunity for both managers and companies.
Translated from German
Klaus F. Jaenecke
Chairman of ArMiD and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of industrial SMEs
A well-founded, groundbreaking and authentic book that presents practical and fresh principles for action based on an astute analysis of the changes in retail, sales and marketing.
Translated from German
Christine Rittner
Supervisory board member with a broad background in retail, HR, consulting and business angel, among others
Fiona Liebehenz presents an impressive overall package. Strategically sound, highly practical and varied, she shows how 15 principles can be used to understand change and shape the future.
Translated from German
Marco Schmäh
Professor Marketing & Sales Management ESB Reutlingen
The world is changing rapidly, fueled by technology. It's easy to lose track of things. With increasing complexity, the question arises as to where and how you can successfully keep up. This book shows how a company can remain a pacemaker despite and even because of all these challenges.
Translated from German
Andrea Günther
Managing Director Pilot Pen Germany

Target group:

  • Ambitious top management executives who want to improve their management skills to get their companies (back) on the road to success or keep it there;
  • Modern leaders with a creative drive who are looking for new inspiration on modern, agile and innovative team leadership and want to take responsibility;
  • Future female and male managers who are looking for a female role model in the management levels of today's working world.